Adolescent Friendship

Because, to cross the mighty ocean called life,
the most important ship you need is friendship.

One of the toughest challenges you may face early in your life, is to choose your ideal friends. As they say, friends could make or break one’s life, and so you have to be absolutely cautious in picking the right people who will genuinely like you, understand you, support you, encourage you and be at your side during happy and suffering times.  

When you are in your youth, you will get many opportunities to mingle with very many people of your same age group: at school, in extra-curricular sessions, in the neighbourhood, to name a few. This is the age when your life undergoes a massive transformation. Suddenly, your life becomes livelier. The future looks rosy. You are energized. You dream big. You aspire for more. And that is when you get swept away by certain friends who inspire you more than others. You may get emotionally drawn by them and indulge in various activities without consulting your mind.

Here is where you need to keep a check. The excitement which your friends may create in you could turn out to be positive or otherwise. But if you do not press the pause button, if you do not get into an analyzing mode and if you do not take a mature view of what is happening, then you may land up with a bunch of wrong friends who may turn your life upside down.

It would help if you are conscious of a few important things about friendship, and be ever-cautious in picking the right kind of people whom you can trust forever.

It’s all in the company you keep.

Your state of mind and state of heart are both determined by the people in your presence. Be it is relatives or friends, what they say and how they treat you could affect you right then and also in the long run.

It is your friends’ circle in which you invariably spend more time, especially during the phase of your youth. It is with this circle of friends that you share your secrets – your likes, dislikes, dreams and so on. You even tend to discuss your family issues with them. Therefore, is it not extremely important that you chose the right friends who would lend you the right advice and support?

Never choose a bad friend. Never lose a good friend.

Always remember that avoiding a bad friend is as important as picking a good friend. If you feel it in your heart that a person might not be an ideal friend to you, it is advisable to keep a safe distance from that person. In a polite manner, draw a firm line. Neither cross that line, nor let the person cross it to enter your fold.

On the other hand, if you feel deeply that a friend genuinely likes you and truly cares for you, then you may go out of the way to ensure that you build a strong foundation for your friendship.  Real friendship is all about compromises. So, it is worth compromising anything for a real friend.

Be a good friend, and you will get good friends.

Before judging how close your friends are with you, ask yourself this question: How good a friend are you to them?

Always strive to be a true friend at heart. Make sure that you lend your support to your dear friends at all times. Be with them when they need you most. Care for them and reach out to them if they require a guiding light. Become a part of their family and go beyond just individual relationships.

When you do all these well, you will have only the best of friends who will always accompany you in the journey called life.

So, let your heart be always open to welcome real friends. And never forget that they are one of your greatest assets who will be instrumental in shaping your personality, your values, your character, your happiness, your success … well, your entire life, so to say. In a nutshell, your best buddies are the best things that can ever happen to you. Choose the right friends and celebrate life.

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