Teacher - Balancing Academic & Emotional Education

With 200 school days a year,

Teachers could create great futures. 


From time immemorial, teaching has been hailed as one of the noblest professions on earth. In reality, the role of a teacher could be much more than being just noble. It could be something as significant as shaping the lives of hundreds and thousands of students. In that sense, every single teacher could play a role in the building the nation. 


The enormity of teachers' role needs to be realized and acknowledged by the society at large. Most importantly, the teaching fraternity needs to fully comprehend their crucial contribution in transforming the lives of students and giving them a wonderful future. 


Feeling the responsibility is work half done. 


If you happen to be a teacher, you know how important it is to go to every class, well prepared on the subject you would be teaching. However, if you realize the colossal responsibility you shoulder, if you believe strongly that you will be able to go beyond just your academic commitments and give shape to the personality of those little ones, then your gigantic role as a teacher is half accomplished. 


Impart knowledge in their minds, and virtue in their hearts. 


As a teacher, you get to spend humongous time every year with your students. To be specific, 200 school days! During those precious hours, you can create wonders. Always bear in mind that besides the role of a teacher, you also parent them in your own little ways. Your students depend on you to throw light on academics, but they also look up to you for various other important things in life like morality, character-building, personality development and so on. So ... 


Don't just be a teacher, be a mentor. 


Life is as deep and as vast as the ocean, and your dear students depend on you to help them sail smoothly over it. From the position of a mentor, you could create a deeper impact on them. Ensure that every hour you spend with them results in something beneficial for their growth. 


So, for a teacher, there is more to it than just teaching the subjects. Teaching is all about building the future for a whole new generation. And every teacher who does this constructively will be remembered, respected, thanked and loved forever. 


Apart from the Academic Education , a Teacher has to be emotionally balanced to connect with Children to inculcate Emotional Education, need of the hour. 


The Class Teacher , when willing to look into the Child’s world apart from academics, will be able to know every detail of the child in a month time. Like a parent-child relationship, Class teacher-student connect can happen . Reason for poor scholastic performance are multiple and teacher will be able to address the reason and also bring workability to it , provided the teacher is present to the difference she can create on each student daily. 


With Respect & Love to All Teachers


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